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2 Vial Tanning Injection Starter Kit (2 vials, 2 water, 22 pins, 22 swabs)

5.0 (16 reviews)


Our 2 vial kit gives you everything you need to complete a 20 tanning injection course. We supply the highest grade Melanotan 2 direct from out UK warehouse.

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Melanotan 2 – 20mg Tanning Injection Starter Kit 

The perfect pack for those who have never used before. The first vial is used for the ‘loading’ phase which gets you to your desired tan. The second vial is then used to keep your tan topped up at your chosen skin colour. This pack gives you everything you need to complete a 20 tanning injection course.


20mg Melanotan 2 (2 vials)
2 x 5ml Injectable Water
22 x 1ml Insulin Syringes (2 for mixing the MT2 and 20 for injecting)
22 x Pre-Injection Wipes (2 for wiping the vials and 20 for injecting)

Melanotan 2 vials are not labelled

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16 reviews for 2 Vial Tanning Injection Starter Kit (2 vials, 2 water, 22 pins, 22 swabs)

  1. Sandra

    I had no side effects best thing ever customers at work though I had been on holiday and said how natural the tan looks

  2. Michael

    It usually takes me a month or two of dedicated sunbathing to start getting some colour, and being a type 2 that includes alot of burning and going back to translucent white. We had a few days of hot sun beginning of june in UK and I got out in the garden max 1-2 hrs per day, injecting a total of 1.25mg (.25, then .5 and .5)over the 3 days. Burnt a little, but started going brown. Continued with the loading injections and even without sun I continued to slowly going browner 3 days after. Stopped injecting at this point and moved to 2 injections of .5 per week. Weve just had some more really hot days here and I’ve got to say it looks like I’ve been on holiday for about 4 weeks in spain. I’ve only used 6mg so far, so think 20mg was too much for me to order. Be weary these work very fast and yes freckles do become more pronounced if you have them, but only I noticed. Once you have your tan they will be less noticable. Make sure you tan evenly if in the sun due to how fast these work. I’ve looked at these injections multiple times over the past years and chickened out. I’m glad I finally went ahead and purchased these. Make sure to take before bed!

  3. Louise

    Have 5* for delivery ordered Sunday night arrives Tuesday morning..

  4. JM

    I use this all year round, I tone it down a little when the winter is here but when the summer comes I use more frequently. Easy to mix and easy to use for a stunning all round glow. I would highly recommend these injections. Shipping is also discreet and fast.

  5. Victoria

    I have been using this website for 2 years. At first I was a little hesitant buying something off the internet, but I can genuinely say that this is a genuine product. I was the palest person before I started using the injections. I had never tanned in my life. It did take a while to build up the base tan, but now I only inject once every 2 weeks and I have kept my tan. I now couldn’t live without this product and I am grateful to the company for providing such quick and efficient service each time.

  6. Natasha

    Worked brilliantly and delivery was super fast

  7. Sammi

    After reading mixed reviews i was abit weary on buying it… I am absolutely amazed at the results!! Took it for 3 days thn went on the beds…WOW…i went sooo dark fast & got sooo many compliments..i do suggest taking travel sickness pills & antihistamines with it & doing it before bed in you leg not stomach!! The team at trutan are amazing if you have any questions they are more than happy to help!!

  8. Jodie

    Best supplier amazing results form their product and next day delivery!

  9. Mary Jo

    Ordered on a Wed and arrive on the Thurs in a box, as promised no mention of the company or what was inside.

    Just finished the loading phase and have a great colour after a week in the sun only trouble is I forgot to take may watch of so have the dreaded white watch mark. Guess I best forget to put it on for wrk on Tuesday to see how many “blinking heck you’ve got a tan” I get!!!!

  10. Abby

    Was a bit hesitant but my order and the delivery has been seamless and the items are as stated. Hugely impressed and will buy again regularly.

  11. Vicky (verified owner)

    Order arrived quickly, no side effects. Will use again. 5*

  12. Michelle

    Been ordering off here for over a year wont order anywhere else. Has amazing results

  13. Joanne (verified owner)

    These were great went dark after 3 weeks.Felt slightly sicky after injection ,but just started doing it before bedtime

  14. Monz (verified owner)

    Honestly, this is an amazing product. I purchased the 2 vial starter kit and on my 3 day tested positive for covid so didn’t get on the sunbed until a week later. After 1 sunbed session I developed colour that would tame me an absolute age. I be now been on the bed about 5 times with a max of 7 minutes and I’m the darkest iv ever been in my life. I have a fair skin but now look olive. The only down side is that freckle’s do become very dark and noticeable, but I was aware of this beforehand. I haven’t experienced any adverse effects and injecting is so simple. The delivery was super fast and anonymous and I’m really happy and pleased with the service, product and outcome. Now off to purchase my 2nd order. Thanks Trutan for the total game changer ????????

  15. Helen

    I’ve been using this product each summer for 3 years. It’s been a life changer for me (someone that couldn’t tan easily and would burn). I’m always complimented on my tan. I have over done it in the past (really goes to show that you can achieve the tan of your desired shade) but when I go abroad I never burn and my tan lasts for months after stopping this product. I have experienced some nausea and flushing in the past, but i now dilute it abit more and administer lower doses over a longer period of time and this seemed to work perfectly. A life changing product for someone who would normally burn!

  16. Anna

    Used this a couple of times, this is the only way for me to get a tan, otherwise i just burn. Will continue buying to keep my tan topped up

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