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1 Vial Tanning Injection Starter Kit (1 vial, 1 water, 11 pins, 11 swabs)

4.97 (67 reviews)


Tanning Injection Starter Kits from the Number 1 UK Supplier. This kit gives you everything you need to complete the course of ten Tanning injections.

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Melanotan 2 – 10mg Tanning Injection Starter Kit

These Kits give you everything you need for a complete course. A popular item for returning customers who have already used Melanotan 2 and wish to top up their tan during the ‘maintenance’ phase.


10mg Melanotan 2 (1 vial)
1 x 5ml Injectable Water
11 x 1ml Insulin Syringes (1 for mixing the MT2 and 10 for injecting)
11 x Pre-Injection Wipes (1 for wiping the vial and 10 for injecting)

Melanotan 2 vials are not labelled

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67 reviews for 1 Vial Tanning Injection Starter Kit (1 vial, 1 water, 11 pins, 11 swabs)

  1. Anonymous

    Been using this for over a year now it’s fab !!

  2. Anonymous

    Been using this for over a year now it’s fab !!

  3. Anonymous

    Issue with my payment, contacted and resolved very quickly. Order comes super fast and very reliable.

  4. Anonymous

    Been using this for over a year now it’s fab !!

  5. Anonymous

    Issue with my payment, contacted and resolved very quickly. Order comes super fast and very reliable.

  6. Lucy-Jo

    After extensive research on people’s experiences and side effects, I found taking an anti histamine about 20 minutes before hand subsides any of my side effects.

    I don’t usually sleep too well, wake up during the night with broken sleep. But using this I was gone withing 90 minutes of taking my first shot, feeling super refreshed the next morning! As a factor of that my hunger and appetite is boosted also.

    Great product would 100% buy again.

  7. bronzebabe

    great stuff works amazing , i personally take a travel sickness tablet before loading to avoid sickly feeling it then passes quickly, some people use anti histamine also and paracetamol to avoid headaches and flushing, you could be lucky and not have any side effects ,its trial and error for new users, have used this site and sister site for long time,honest reliable seller would recommend

  8. Michelle

    I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it was from ordering to receiving my order, I will be using this site from now on Thankyou

  9. Martyn gammon

    Very fast delivery good servise .and the melotan 2 is realy good .will by again good company

  10. Lisa

    Got my first ever delivery I mixed it wrong used the whole vial of the water emailed them and they sent me another one I was over the moon I’m loving my tan excellent customer service I.will be ordering again

  11. Marina

    Right guys 4 week later wow what a difference in give this 5* the beSt even postage next day… the best highly recommend but I carnt belive the tan I’ve got excited 😉

  12. Daniel

    I’ve always used trutan for tanning injections for 5 years now and have always been happy with the purity of the product its always so consistent and the service is second to none. Thanks guys

  13. Ra

    Was very sceptical about all this injection thing, never did anything like that but it’s mega ez and no pain at all. It arrived to UK in 3 working days and I can really tell this product works dunno about the side effects, except constant Viagra effect for couple hours, which disappeared after couple days.

    In first 4 days I changed tone even though I didn’t had a tunning session, lol.

    Thank You

  14. joanne

    only ordered last night and its already arrived the day after very happy….ive used this every year for 6 years and I love it….gives you a lovely all over tan and I’ve never been so brown

  15. Anonymous

    Been using this for over a year now it’s fab !!

  16. Ben

    Had a issue with my payment when paying seller contacted me and resolved the issue quickly ordered Monday arrived Thursday morning. Thanks for amazing service will be ordering again

  17. Natasha

    Im on day 7 of the starter trial kit,

    Fast delivery and updates, everything was there and simple to use for the first time.

    I’ve had no sunbed as everything is closed with lockdown, just English sun.

    I’ve literally changed race!

    Absaloutely gobsmacked at how fast I’ve got a dark glowy tan. Never felt so confident!

    I have had a few tiny freckles appear but that’s the only side affect no sickness , nothing.

  18. Sam

    Never tanned in my life until I used these.

    Thanks from one happy tanned ginger bloke!!!

  19. Su

    Great service, ordered monday got wednesday on free delivery. Just finished the first bottle had 2 beds and cracking tan already

  20. Martina

    Well it’s starting tomorrow I will keep you guys updated

  21. Ashleigh

    I as most others was very funny about ordering something like this and reading the reviews really did help! I used these for a while theyre so easy to get the hang of, when I stopped using these and the sun beds for months after I was still tanned! For anyone thinking about using this product id say go for it! You never feel as good as when you have a tan!

  22. Martina

    Right guys just orders my 2nd batch very good very highly recommend it was scared at first no side effects I take 2 ml b4 bed but I’m pretty dark now very good……and de livery very fast next day x

  23. Ross

    Ordered 7am Monday, came by 4pm on Tuesday! Super fast delivery! Top product, I’d recommend this to anyone!

  24. Becky

    I must admit I was very sceptical about purchasing at first and very nervous about using it but…I am amazed! I’m now on my second purchase and wont use anything else. I watered my mixture down slightly and have hardly any nasty side effects and when I have they were very mild and soon go. I use sunbeds but wanted to go that but more deeper tanned and I can see already after a week that I am now getting even darker! Fantastic product and lots of useful information for first timers on the site. Fast delivery very pleased thankyou 🙂

  25. Anonymous


    have to say it hasn’t reached my legs yet however I have only taken 20mg so far so fingers crossed.

  26. megan Alex

    Amazing product fast delivery

    Only website I trust

  27. Anonymous

    Brilliant service!! Delivered within 48 hours of ordering..

  28. Ann

    Been using on and off for years absolutely love it…

    I put in my leg less sickness

  29. Bronzebabe

    Amazing stuff used for years trusted site great communication from staff and products are great been using for years

  30. Kay

    So I’m a type 2 maybe 3 started my injections last week with 1mg before bed, slept like a baby wake up feeling great. I have used the sunbed twice yesterday started to notice a little difference and still have around 3mg left in my first vital, going to change my dose to 2mg or 2.5mg every other day starting today. Excellent service with really quick delivery, just ordered my 2nd

  31. Mel

    Just amazing. Was unsure if this site was legit so put it into trust pilot before, but it’s defo legit. Ordered on Sunday got on Wednesday. Can’t wait to start today

  32. Julie

    Found this site by accident as used something else before, wouldnt go back to the other one i was using, this is far the best, quick postage, excellent communication and tanned very easy from sunbeds every now and then.

    Keep up the excellent work TruTan

  33. Anonymous


    have to say it hasn’t reached my legs yet however I have only taken 20mg so far so fingers crossed.

  34. Isabelle

    I originally ordered this starter kit a couple of weeks ago , i was slightly confused so I emailed customer service who got back to me almost immediately! The survive was absolutely amazing ! Would definitely recommend

  35. John

    Me and my Father have used melanotan 1 since it first came about, then used MT 2 from a few different suppliers .. all got us a great tan but this stuff is awesome. Postage was FAST. Very impressed with it, Will be ordering again and also recommended to my friends.

  36. Kelly

    Highly recommend, mint customer service and fast delivery…will definitely be repurchasing in the future!

  37. Anonymous



  38. Anonymous



  39. Anonymous

    I have dabbled in using M2 over past few years but didn’t follow instructions properly, so results weren’t good. I ordered again this year using the starter kit, went religiously to sunbeds to kick start it and all I can say is WOW. I have also just come back from a week in the sun and it is the darkest I have ever been in my life (42). I am very fair skinned (celticscottish equals blue rather than fair skin) and freckly, I always burn and never tan. My freckles have come out slightly but not as much as I thought as I started with a really low dosage of M2. I bought the nasal spray to take on holiday to top up and I returned so dark I couldn’t believe it! I am continuing with the M2 as I love the colour. No more fake tan,as that just gets everywhere and is so inconvenient. Slight downside is the nausea but take M2 before bed and you don’t even feel it. 1010 for me and can’t wait for summer now :o)

  40. Kerianne

    Excellent service I highly Recommend This Website, My item arrived Today With Royal mail Recorded Delivery

    Thank you.

  41. Anonymous

    I have ordered twice from the site now and the delivery was super quick on both occasions. I think within a day of ordering it arrived, which was fantastic!

    I do water the mixture down as I have experienced a real sick feeling in the past but after a couple of weeks I barely have any side effects which is great!

    I don’t tend to tan naturally or from sun beds alone, but this product really helps me to achieve a golden tan before I go away and can hopefully build on top of it while abroad 🙂

  42. Anonymous

    Brilliant service!! Delivered within 48 hours of ordering..

  43. Anonymous

    Brilliant service!! Delivered within 48 hours of ordering..

  44. Davey G

    Perfect service from the guy, used these for over four years never an issue!

  45. Davey G


  46. Catia sofia

    Great product but was delayed

  47. S Burgess (verified owner)

    Sceptical about the injections but after reading the reviews I thought I would give it a try.
    Super fast delivery and easy to follow instructions.
    I mixed the solution as advised and as a first time user I added a quarter more of the water to hopefully reduce side effects. I had my first dose around 3pm. That was a mistake!!! I felt so sick and nauseous I had to go to bed.
    Attempt 2 the second day… I had the second dose before bed and no problems at all. I fell straight to sleep and slept through great. Woke up in the morning feeling fresh.
    I have been going for 4 days now and have been following the dosage and instructions to the letter – skin looks glowing and can tell it has already started to make a difference. Really pleased.

  48. D Black

    First class service. Fast delivery and good communication.

  49. Sam (verified owner)

    Excellent, first class service came next day

  50. Aimee Ware (verified owner)

    After being a lover of fake tan for years I was told about this by my neice. I was skeptical to say the least. I have never in my life had a real tan. Go from white to red to back to white. Well in a week, using the injections every day and 2 sun beds I had a real deep tan. My legs and feet took some catching up and my face, well I look like I have been abroad for a month! I’m so impressed I ordered a second lot! Well worth it and for such a good price. I don’t even get any sickness!

  51. Victoria (verified owner)

    This stuff is so good ! I am so dark it’s hard to believe! My skin is now what I would describe as chocolate dark . Really really dark tam and now my legs are really dark too and my tan is even all over !! I’ve never had dark legs in my life ! People are amazed at my colour . I’m thrilled as I was so fed up of the mess and planning around doing fake tan for years . Word of advice though – don’t exceed to recommended maximum dose . I did it by accident and was extremely sick and unwell for about 11 hours . Other than that – I have experienced zero side effects . Highly recommended

  52. Lou (verified owner)

    Excellent results not really any side effects. Fast dispatch.

  53. Peter Larsen (verified owner)

    Excellent. My go too supplier. Works great with a deep tan which lasts for months. Only side effect is morning glory. But hey it’s an upside. 🙂

  54. Kim (verified owner)

    I couldn’t believe how many people noticed I had a tan I’m very pale with dark hair and people said you been away on holiday ? I used sun bed 6 min a week and just wow love it I use before bed to avoid headache and sickness seems to work

  55. Shannon (verified owner)

    I tend to feel really nauseous after injection for an hour or two. So I’d recommend taking it before bed if that’s the case but I have a lovely tan now! No fake tan required 🙂

    • trutan

      Hi Shannon an antihistamine 20 mins before you use may help a little.

  56. claire powell (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, always get my order quickly and always get an email straight back when I ask a question, definitely the best site to buy from because the results are excellent and the customer service is excellent I’am very happy. Will be ordering more and my friends and family will also be ordering from trutan. Thank you

  57. Jody Slaven (verified owner)

    First time and happy customer here, ordered and delivered within 48hrs. Instructions are easy for beginners. Wondered if anyone hasn’t used sunbeds and still got a good tan?

  58. Colleen count

    I use sunbeds regular i have just been advised to purchase your tanning injections but i am nervous. Where would i inject?? And how often? Kind Regards

  59. Gillian Reid (verified owner)

    After trying many M2 products over the years from other suppliers but found the side effects were really horrible which put me off, but with this purchase from Trutan I’ve had little to no side effects, the occasional hot flush but no muscle stiffness or sickly feeling, definitely been the best so far- I will continue to use through the winter months!

  60. Genna lee (verified owner)

    Amazing love my tan will be ordering again soon xxxx

  61. James Andrews (verified owner)

    Been using these for years, I have a perfect all year round tan, I used to be like an albino and burn as soon as I was in the sun. A course of these injections and I no longer burn, and have a golden tan. I do two course a year, 6 months apart, I doubled up the course once I looked like Peter Andre minus the muscles ! So if you want a dark tan get two courses.

  62. Alice (verified owner)

    Great stuff. I used something similar 3-4 years ago although that time I felt soo ill, facial flushing etc. all the side effects still the next day. So I was quite anxious to try this. I’ve been using sunbeds for the last 3 months (I’m super pale and take a looong time to get a base tan for holiday) even when returning from Greece a couple weeks ago I got a comment about how I haven’t tanned. SO I decided to bite the bullet and try injections again. I started with 0.03ml then 0.05ml now 0.07ml. Make sure you do them just before bed! Wake up with no side affects. I’ve already had a few comments on my tan and I’ve only used it 4 times and 1 sunbed. Definitely getting better results faster. I also feel like my tan is more even, for example on the underneath of my arms don’t tan, my feet don’t tan, fingers or forehead (weird I know). But I now have a tan on all of them. Also I ordered at 1pm and received the next day!

  63. Katelyn Fleming (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant product been using for a year .I have a tan all year round now .I now have my Mum and Aunt and friends using it. Customer service is brilliant. Delivery spot on .

  64. Andreea Bleav (verified owner)

    Today my order arrived, I’ve used melanotan injections in the past, now it’s the third time, I’m waiting happy for the results

  65. gordon.m (verified owner)

    Good product.
    The needles are too long in my opinion for me.
    Only because of low body fat in the injection site.
    so I’ve ordered 8mm instead of these 12mm.

  66. rebekahsneds2209 (verified owner)

    been purchasing this for the last few years. Although I do only use before going on holidays. After the first injection I do get some side effects hot flushes. But every injection afterwards no side effect. Do take before going to bed not in morning. I normally use two weeks before going on holiday. The loading stage, 3 injections then I use the sunbed, then inject every day until I finish the course using the sunbeds every few days. I’m normally pale but with only using this when going on holiday (I go on 3/4 a year) I’m tanned all year round thanks to these. And go on sunbeds inbetween. Recommend as said it gives all over tan in areas where sun can reach. Recommend.

  67. Rachael Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Trutan for the past year and have recommended so many friends and family members to use them! I normally am very pale, would sunburn easily and have no tan and for around 10 years been using fake tan. I was sceptical about using tanning injections however they have honestly amazing results! I didn’t go on a sunbed in the winter and still have my base tan! The instructions are so clear, concise, honest and informative. So affordable and honestly couldn’t praise them more !

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