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What to do and not to do!                 

A few tips which allow you to keep you mixed and unmixed Melanotan in top condition.  Once mixed Melanotan is a very delicate peptide for example, if you shake the vial to help dissolve the powder into the sterile water it will damage the effectiveness of the tanning injections. We’ve put together these do’s and don’t tips from commonly asked questions frequently asked by our customers. We hope you find them helpful!

Mixing your Melanotan 2:

  1.  Always wipe down the top of the vial with a sterile wipe (after you take off the yellow cap)
  2. Only use sterile water NEVER use Tap water as this may contain bacteria.
  3. Always mix with a minimum of 1ml (one full syringe) of sterile water (2ml per vial if mixing for nasal spray
  4. Try not to push the water from the syringe direct onto the Melanotan 2 (try aiming to the side of the vial and let it run into the Melanotan)
  5. To help the Melanotan 2 to dissolve roll the vial between your fingers NEVER SHAKE THE VIAL.

Storing your Melanotan 2:

  1. Once mixed you must store your Melanotan in the fridge
  2. Do not store mixed Tanning Injection solution / Nasal spray solution under 3c
  3. If left out of the fridge in warm conditions dispose of the Melanotan after 12hrs
  4. When withdrawing the Melanotan try and keep it out of the fridge for as minimum time as possible
  5. Unmixed vials must be kept in a cool dark place, this will allow the Melanotan to stay in good condition for up to 12 months

The syringes provided are for onetime use only, in a kit you will receive 11 syringes one of which is solely for mixing you Melanotan 2 Tanning injection solution.

As per our terms this is for information purposes only.

For full info click here How to use Melanotan 2

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