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At TruTan we offer a fantastic range of Melanotan 2 items.

We offer you a great range of Melanotan Tanning Injection products and tanning injection alternatives to help you achieve a long lasting natural looking tan within a matter of weeks. Forget the spray tan fails, it’s time for you to get the natural golden tan you deserve with minimal UV exposure.

All prices are in GBP /£ / Sterling, if paying in another currency your bank will determine the exchange rate, we have no control over this.

Tanning Injection Alternative

We authorised sellers of the innovative NuTan tanning patches. These patches do not contain Melanotan 2, however, they give similar fantastic results! Please drop us an email and we’ll send you some before and after pics.

Almost a decade of experience.

We have been in the Tanning Injection industry for many years. This has enabled us to gain invaluable knowledge and build fantastic working relationships with production labs. We are often asked if all Melanotan 2 is the same, sadly no. A lot of companies wither sell products which are low purity and contain fillers, or vials which do not contain a full 10mg. If you’re new to TruTan and maybe looking around suppliers there are a couple of simple questions to ask:

  • What is the purity of you Melanotan 2?
  • What fillers are used?

There is a misconception is you can buy Melanotan 2 with 100% purity, this is simply not true. Frstly the Melanotan needs (in simplified terms) something to carry it into your system. Also something to keep the Melanotan 2 suspended in solution form. Apart from Melanotan 2 there should be only one other ingredient in the Vial. Please feel free to get in contact with us to ask. Why don’t put the answer on here?  The majority of Meanotan 2 suppliers don’t know the answer. Hopefully this helps you decide which supplier has the knowledge and experience to help you on your tanning journey.

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