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NuSmile pap+  home teeth whitening strips

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NuSmile pap+  home whitening strips are the convenient way for you to whiten your teeth.

With NuSmile you will get no gum irritation, no tooth sensitivity, just a great smile. Each box of NuSmile strips includes 14 individual treatments (28 strips in total).

How do NuSmile pap+ whitening work?

When applied to your teeth, the strip adheres to your tooth surface and releases the PAP+ formula active ingredients onto the tooth’s surface, this provides fast whitening, desensitising, and remineralising benefits.

Do teeth whitening strips cause tooth sensitivity?

Traditional whitening strips used a peroxide-based formula which can trigger tooth sensitivity, because of this many countries have banned the use of this type of whitening. NuSmile pap+ strips instead utilise a sensitivity-free pap+ based formula.


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