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3 x Tanning Nasal Spray Kits (3 nasal bottles, 6 vials mt, 3 water, 3 pins, 3 wipes)


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Buy 3 Nasal kits get yourself a great discount perfect for friends sharing.


Buy 3 tanning nasal spray kits and  get yourself a great discount perfect for friends sharing.

With this kit you get:

3 Nasal Spray Bottles

3 Water

6 Melanotan 2 vials

3 syringes

3 sterile wipes

Mixing Instructions:

* Take the yellow lid off the MT vial and wipe the top with a sterile wipe.
* Push the needle of the needle part of the syringe in the side wall of the water, take the syringe and draw out a full syringe of sterile water.
* Push the syringe into the centre of the MT vial, there is a circle raised top of the grey cap use this as a guide for the centre (if you feel resistance you may need to place the needle slightly off centre), and push the water from the syringe into the vial (onto the side of the vial if possible)
* Draw out another syringe of water and repeat as above.
* Once all the water is in roll the vial between your fingers until dissolved (don’t shake).
* Repeat the above for the second vial of MT.
* Draw out all of the mixed solution from both vials with the syringe and place into your nasal bottle (gently)

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