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Mixing and Storing your Tanning Injections

If you are considering purchasing tanning injections or have recently brought some, then this guide is a must-read. It will cover dosages, mixing, storing, and injection instructions to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Mixing Your Melanotan Tanning Solution

Mixing the solution is a pretty straightforward operation and a process that involves five easy-to-follow steps. These are:

  1. Unpack the solution and disposable syringe, then take the lid off the water vial.
  2. Take the syringe and use it to pierce through the vial stopper, pull back the plunger and draw up 1ml of the sterile water before withdrawing the needle.
  3. Insert the syringe into the tanning solution through the centre of the cap, and depress the plunger to release the water into the solution.
  4. To combine the liquids, roll the vial and avoid shaking.
  5. Once the solution is mixed, it can be stored in the fridge for six months.

If you have any unmixed solution, this can be stored in a fridge or cool, dry place for 12-months. Ensure that your solution is kept out of reach of babies and children.

Using the MT2 Tanning Injections

Have your ready-mixed solution at hand with your syringe and alcohol wipes or swabs. The injecting process is very easy and can be done yourself at home by following our steps:

  1. Fill your syringe with 0.1ml of the mixed tanning solution.
  2. Clean the area of the stomach you will inject with the alcohol wipe or swab; most people opt for a few centimeters away from the navel.
  3. Pinch the skin; this is highly important as it will prevent the solution from going into your muscle.
  4. Hold the needle at a 90-degree angle and insert it into the area of skin you have pinched in your other hand, and administer the entire solution.
  5. Remove the needle and wipe the area again with another alcohol wipe or swab.

Each time you administer a tanning injection, you should use a new syringe and never share needles with anyone else.

What to do Next

It can be a challenge to  not go overboard with tanning injections, especially when you want results in a hurry. But, administering too much will likely result in some pretty nasty side effects, such as excessive sickness, diarrhea, dizziness, and fatigue.

It is advisable to administer no more than 0.1ml of Melanotan daily to help keep any side effects to a minimum. If you find that you have a low tolerance to the solution, then reduce the dose to 0.05ml for the following 3-4 days, or double the amount of water to the solution.

After starting your course of tanning injections, a sunbed course is necessary to activate the solutions. Most people will repeat the injection process daily and use a sunbed every other day to reach their desired tan. Once a week, it can help to maintain the tan density if you administer a shot on the same day as visiting a tanning salon.




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