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Does Melanotan Change the colour of your Hair?

Melanotan is known as the barbie drug and has many uses for many people. Although this lab-made hormone is beneficial for many people, did you know it can change the colour of your hair? In this article, we take a look at why, and how Melanotan changes the colour of your hair.   

Does Melanotan change the colour of your hair? 
Yes, Melanotan 2 does change the colour of your hair, but typically in shades. As Melanotan is an artificial hormone, one of the effects is the darkening of the skin, and therefore hair. Most people, regardless of how Melanotan is administered, experience the darkening of their hair.   

This means that if you had/have a brown or light-black colour, this will likely come back a much darker colour. Blonde hair has the same effect, but you will notice that the roots will be much darker than the ends of your hair.   

Why does Melanotan change the colour of your hair? 
As we’ve mentioned, Melanotan is an artificial hormone that was created to stimulate melanin and melanogenesis. Melanotan is very similar to a natural hormone we create, called a melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which helps in the darkening of the skin.  

When you darken your skin, your hair is also affected slightly because of the link between colour pigments in your skin. Although your skin is likely to darken more than your hair, it’s not uncommon for your hair to turn a few shades darker.   

How long does Melanotan take to work? 
Typically after 1-2 weeks, you will start noticing visible results of hair and skin darkening. You may also pick up on several other side effects starting as early as 1-2 weeks into your treatment.   

Are there any downsides to using Melanotan? 
Melanotan can be beneficial for people who want to change the colour of their skin, or of course their hair – but there are some downsides to this. Melanotan has a few side effects that are rare but do occur. They also may be beneficial depending on your needs. Some side effects are darkened skin, increased freckles and in some cases moles, nausea, involuntary stretching and in some cases spontaneous erections.   

What are the advantages of using Melanotan? 
Melanotan does have quite a few advantages that work well for some people. For example, Melanotan is often given to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, but can also help with skin tanning, and even cancer prevention caused by the sun.   

Melanotan is also linked with weight loss but has not been approved as a weight-loss aid by many worldwide healthcare systems.   

All in all, when you use Melanotan you will likely experience some hair growth, hair recolouring and skin darkening which might be beneficial for you. A small dose of Melanotan may need to darken your hair but should be expected as a side effect should you ever use it.   

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        1. Your hair will go back to its normal colour even if you have used it for a considerable time, obviously the more you have in your system the longer it will take.

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